As an entrepreneur or small business owner, social media has the power to launch your business into the stratosphere. It can drive revenue, improve brand loyalty and much more. The issue is that social media is complex to figure out, and expensive to hire an expert to help.

AIMIsocial, available on iOS and Google Play, is a social media team in your pocket. You read that right – it’s a full team!

The app is AI-driven, and it can automatically create content, generate posts, schedule them and update your strategy on the go. It works for any industry or field and can provide value for businesses of any side.

You choose your industry and campaign length – days, weeks or months – tell the AI what you’re marketing and AIMIsocial will create your campaign. It only takes minutes and you can review all content to make sure it fits with your brand image.

It works for multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, removing the need to learn each platform or hire an expert. The best thing is that the app only costs a small fraction of what you’d pay to hire somebody to help.

We haven’t found a tool on the market as powerful as this. A lot of apps focus on a specific area of social media management; content generation, scheduling etc. AIMIsocial handles all of it, very effectively.

Check out AIMIsocial today on iOS or Google Play and supercharge your social media strategy.