Have you ever played a scavenger hunt game before? Yes, we all might have done that. When we want to game something different outdoors, this game is a great time killer that offers you physical activity and helps you refresh as you find out the hidden objects with all might. With the advancement in technology and smartphones, outdoor games are now long gone and people prefer playing indoors with the mobiles they have. What do you think about playing a scavenger hunt game with the mobile you own? Sounds great, right?

Magical Hunt is a new scavenger hunt game that is available for both the iPhone and the Android. It belongs to the education/entertainment category with more than a thousand scavenger hunt items that are placed in the different Disney parks. This scavenger hunt game is specially designed to be played inside the Disney World them parks and Disneyland and California Advent using your mobile from the comfort of your home.

As you download the app, you will get 2 free packs each containing 30 hunt items. Playing the game is so simple. All that you must do is to create a hunt code being the host of the game and the game is supposed to begin at some time in the future. Later, you can give the hunt code to as many team and its members whom you want to play the game with. This code must be circulated to all the members of the team. The game begins and ends at a specified period. All the items to be found are presented in a different order for each team. Once the game begins, the members will have to find the items and those with the high points win the game when it expires.

The team of Magical Hunt is always open to feedback and you can write to the team on info@magicalhunt.com. The app is so colourful and easy to use and it helps you to explore the park you are about to game with using the ‘Explore Park’ icon. The ‘Hunt Log’ icon is where you can capture the memories of the hunt game you played. I enjoyed gaming on the app as it helped me bring back my childhood memories. 

Magical Hunt has many games under in-app purchases like Disneyland – California, Disney’s California Adventure, Disney World Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Download the app today and get going with the comfort of playing from home. 

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