As rumors are rolling out every day, people may have thought that Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will get launch at different dates. But according to sources, Samsung will launch both of these devices at the same time in next month. The gadget will be revealed at the most awaited Samsung event and will go for sale in April. Eastern Europe will be the first lucky region to get the fresh taste of this most awaited Smartphone. Though Asia and other European regions will get glimpse of this device before April end, the rest part of the world have to wait till May or even June. This is entirely vague approach taken by Samsung as compared to its previous launches.

Though, it looks like Samsung Galaxy S4 will be very similar to Galaxy 3 in the design, it is packaged with some unique features which are peerless. The sources revealed that Samsung has done some significant research and tried experimenting with no buttons this time. But finally it looks like the company took the decision to stick with three buttons which are menu, home and back. As other competitors such as Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8X may feature wireless charging, Samsung Galaxy S4 may also packaged with ability of wireless charging. The sources revealed that, Korean technology giant will develop wireless charging cover and dock for this device. The report further says that the company will utilize Qi wireless charging standards for S4. What it exactly means customer can purchase wireless charging dock and wireless charging cover from not only company but also from third parties.

There is a rumor that Samsung will feature S4 with beautiful 4.99-inch full HD screen which has 1920 x 1080p resolution. This makes sense as many smartphones announced this year feature Full HD screen including ZTE Grand S, Huawei Ascend D2 and Sony Xperia Z. Another recent rumor pertaining to Samsung Galaxy S4 implied that it would be the only smartphone till today which will be equipped with flexible display. So the real fight among the tech vendors is becoming tougher on day by day. Nokia, Sony, Sharp, Philips and LG are already combating, but it is Samsung which will get its mark first. Flexible screen will definitely be the headline and prime feature Samsung Galaxy S4.

Few sources claim that Galaxy S4 will be packaged with S Pen stylus, akin to Galaxy note. Not only this, but the device will also come with the support of touchless gestures. Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories are also about to get release in second quarter of the year 2013. It means the early April release of this gadget is certainly backed by this particular fact.

As Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the highly anticipated and hyped Smartphone, rumor related with its launching date is not a surprising thing. However, Samsung is yet to authenticate all these rumors wandering around. Unless and until Samsung really confirms the actual date from its side, we can only wait and keep tracking latest information about its launch.