The latest BlackBerry phone has launched with complete new design but is it worth to purchase? Here is a comprehensive review –

Hardware & Design

BlackBerry Z10 is made of complete plastic material and it feels amazing in user’s hand. It possesses 4.2 inch screen of high resolution which is much bigger as compared to 4-inch display of iPhone. The phone is available in two colors, white and black which can be extended to 64GB with the help of additional memory card.

The front side of BlackBerry Z10 features a Gorilla Glass display panel, with touch sensitive screen which requires proper gestures to navigate easily around user interface. A use has to do this, because there are no Android like buttons or home key to navigate.

Primary Features:

Through, Z10, BlackBerry may want to target business users considering its premium price. For personal use, users don’t have to pay any charges for BlackBerry Internet Service, saving more than £5 every month. A user has to register his BlackBerry ID into BlackBerry World store and lets you to utilize BlackBerry protect. With this service, one can remotely track his stolen or lost phone. One main advantage of BlackBerry Z10 is its capability to control everything with the help of thumb which is ideal for usage with one hand.

With High Definition video recording and some amazing features such as Time Shift, the camera captures rapid photos and also detects faces of the people automatically. The maps application is extremely basis just like gallery and music player application. However, it struggles to locate places when a complete postal address is not given. Like earlier BlackBerry phones, Z10 is perfect for both personal and professional purposes. One can separate hi work apps from personal apps only by pressing a button called ‘work’ and swiping down.

Overall Performance:

BlackBerry Z10 brings the company once again into spotlight with new apps, gestures and unique functionality. BlackBerry Hub is also a good place to explore all the information such as text message, email, BBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and much more.

BlackBerry Z10 browser is efficient and runs extremely fast, zooming on Web page is extremely easy and convenient. Besides this, there is hardly any upper limit on number of tabs a user can open. The On-screen keyboard of this phone definitely works like an ace, with nicely-spaced buttons that don’t give scope to any mistakes.

One important thing which we noticed is that the phone gets warm in less time when you are using it. Z10 doesn’t get uncomfortably hot but if you are streaming the videos or downloading any app, the temperature will surely rise.


Is this a device which can save BlackBerry? Most of the people will claim it has to be and considering its capability, it is. Previous BlackBerry 10 and the latest BlackBerry Z10 are some radical moves taken by BlackBerry. The device is competitive and ready to leave its mark in the present Smartphone battle. However, considering its price, it is extremely difficult to see a user selecting this over the iOS and Android options available in the market currently.