Some people fear to confess, some have a camera fear and sometimes it might be a story you want to share but not with your friends and family. Whatever it is, everyone has their own secrets, stories and opinions they feel uncomfortable to talk about yet want to share them. This pressurizes people and makes them live in flawed character.

But what if you can confess by masking your face? What if you can let the people know your secrets, opinions and anything hiding your face?
Yes, you heard me right, its such a great idea, isn’t it? Don’t worry because you don’t have to edit your video using all those chunky software to mask your face anymore.

Here’s a free video sharing app called Dynamite which can help you share your stories anonymously.

So, what exactly is Dynamite and how does it work?

Dynamite is simply a community of people where you can share your true self without fear instead of wrapping yourself in a layer of fake happiness. It’s a place to reveal yourself, be fearless and share everything with the world. Dynamite lets you mask your face while recording your video and allows it to share with the community. Dynamite is an app where you can create any kind of your stories like personal secrets, tinder nightmares, social and political opinions fearlessly. Also, you can watch videos of others and the people you follow. The best part is you can always stay anonymous.

Dynamite also allows you choose not to mask your face because sometimes you might feel comfortable sharing it without any agitation.
So, just sign in to create a story, mask or blur your face with different levels of textures while recording and use the audio filters to help you disguise your voice. Voice masking acts as an extra level of anonymity when you chose to share your stories with friends or family. Now choose a topic which best suits your story and control your privacy i.e whether you want it to be shared with your friends or just followers because sometimes you don’t feel comfortable revealing your secrets to everyone.

Dynamite allows you to anonymously record your story in 42 seconds which is pretty good amount of time to tell your short story because most of the story telling apps are just under 40 or 30 seconds.
“Dynamite is like a TOR for Video Sharing”

Dynamite is like a social media because people will follow you just like you do they watch your videos and share their views which obviously makes you feel comfortable. Sometimes, Dynamite can also be funny because you can like videos and if you think any story is disturbing, you can even mark it as toxic. And since sharing your views is the most funniest part, Dynamite has an option which lets you comment on the videos using perfect GIF animations. It’s one of the coolest options in the app.

So, Dynamite is not just an app for sharing true stories, its more more than a social network where you can find, the truths, impeccable stories and absolute fun.

So, are you ready to experience Dynamite?

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