The introduction of smartphones and more so the iPhone, has not only revolutionized the way people communicate with each other but also the way they capture and share images across various social and media platforms. The selfie, for a while now, has been on the top of the image sharing revolution: everyone now is seen taking a selfie alone, with friends, pets, atop building, there has even been developed what is referred to a �selfie stick’ to enable people to have a better experience while taking selfies by having wide angle views. Various apps have also been developed for sharing pictures, but one stands out when it comes to sharing and having a greater experience with your selfies. That is the RaceMyFace App.

The developers at iTunes are never a disappointment, giving us new and creative apps that are full of surprises every new day. iTunes apps are always created to suit every aspect of life, and so is the new RaceMyFace App. The following review highlights the features of this interactive iPhone app.

What is RaceMyFace App and How Does it Work?

RaceMyFace is a great procrastinating app that will allow you, the user to have fun while participating in what can be referred to as face racing’. This is not a car game or rather a car racing app. Face racing is basically about competing with other people on who will best make a face that corresponds to a request made by a fellow competitor for the camera. While face racing has been known as a mood lighter in parties for ages, you can now get to enjoy the same experience anytime on your iPhone. How awesome is that?

The RaceMyFace App is a selfie-sharing and contest app that allows you to upload your selfies and enter them into contests where you can win various prizes in competition against other people’s selfie uploads according to a specified theme. The selfies that are entered into the contest are then voted for, while inviting friends to vote as well as view the entries. The person with the selfies that gunners most votes gets to win the prize that was on offer. All you do is make faces for the camera for example, you may be asked to make a face of “a genius hatching an evil plot”. You can make an unlimited number of faces and post them. People vote for the most hilarious faces and the winner gets a prize. The app is a big test for non-verbal communication skills, with points being won for most votes as well as speed.


Additional Features

The main features of the app allows you invite your friends to vote for your selfies, constitutes of easy-to-tag photos, and utilizes your iPhone’s high-res camera for high quality and crisp selfies and photos.

Additionally, you can filter through the selfies which you wish to view or vote for, including an option to vote for either boys or girls only. You can alternatively decide to choose from the top 100 selfies only, which allows you to vote for the selfies with the most votes and are among the top 100 in the contest.

You can also decide to boost your selfies, which allows you to increase your chances to accumulate more votes for you to win.

race3App Size and Compatibility Requirements

The app takes a total of 24 MB on your iPhone. While the developers at iTunes intended it for use in a wide array of Apple devices, the RaceMyFace App only currently runs on iOS 8.1 or latter for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The app is currently not supported on MacBooks and iMacs. The app features have been optimized for best functioning in iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Language and Recent Updates

Being one of the most recent additions to the Apple App Store, the app is only available in English. The app’s current version was last updated at the beginning of June, 2015, with new features for a better experience such as the �photo-cropping feature’ that allows you to crop their selfies to a desired size and shape.

Restrictions for Use

Due to the fact that the app basically supports as well as propagates contests and gambling, it is thus governed by laws regarding such and restrictions as to who is eligible to download and use the app. The age limit is set at 17 years as the minimum age for use of the app.

Worth Having App – Download the App