Translations have always been something that modern technology still struggles with to deliver accurately. Popular services such as Google Translate are simply too unreliable when it comes to translating entire phrases or sentences to or from languages. This means that people still require the services of human interpreters and translators to traverse the terrain of foreign languages. Qtok’s bold premise is that can change the status quo and make getting fast and accurate translations live as easy as calling someone online from your phone. Can the app deliver on its promises? Let’s jump straight into the review to find out.

Qtok – Speak and Translate for Me is a translator app that does away with the machine translation approach of other apps. Instead, it relies on live interpreters to get the job done. The team of 576 interpreters is always ready to take on any challenge. In fact, Qtok is the only app available on the app store that uses live interpreters for translation. In practice, this approach actually works quite well. After you set up your payment info, it’s as easy as selecting a translator for the language that you want.

Selecting a translator is really easy because of the useful filters and the fact that all relevant information about a translator is presented concisely. Interpreters can be filtered by the languages they know, their country of residence or their profession. With just a glance, you get to know whether the interpreter is online and how much he charges per minute for his services. A meter in the right of an interpreter’s listing indicates how good and reliable he is. It tells you the number of customers that have been helped by him and how they’ve rated him on average.

As I’ve mentioned, you have to pay for the services of translators. It may seem jarring to pay for something you could potentially get for free from somewhere like Google Translate. However, as I can confirm, it is well worth money spent. The people working on Qtok are quite professional and reliable. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them when and if I find myself in a sticky situation abroad.

Net Communications Lab has executed this idea of live translation quite well. Despite being the first implementation of this unique idea, I had no problem signing up and ordering my first translation. It all works seamlessly and effortlessly.
Aside from translation, the app has other applications as well. You can use it to get in touch with experts in fields like law, medicine, tourism, taxes, etc. in just a few clicks. Asking questions and seeking advice has never been easier. You can also get in touch with the translators working on Qtok to learn a language and practice conversation in a foreign language with them.


Neat and tidy user interface that’s easy to navigate.

Easy and accurate translations.
Translators and experts are easy to find.


Some occasional glitches

Final Verdict:

Net Communications Lab has made a solid app in the form of Qtok. I would highly recommend anyone traveling to a country that speaks a foreign tongue to at least keep the app installed on their phone, if not use it. It can prove to be a lifesaver in the case of an emergency. In other cases, the app is huge convenience and time saver when abroad.

Worth Having App – Download the App