When the PSP 3000 was announced it was highly anticipated. It was truly meant to be the leap forward in handheld video game consoles and it does not disappoint. The PSP 3000 console brings together an amazing games console with a vast range of games from all genres and an excellent choice for a multimedia device.

The device itself offers brilliant graphics and sound. On top of this it offers built in Wi-Fi means you can do so much more than just play games including access to a built in web browser meaning you can surf the web on the console! You also have access to the online Playstation store where you can download games, demos, movies and even music.

The games comes in UMD format which are easily portable and not only are games available on UMD but even the latest blockbuster movies! All around the PSP 3000 gives you a handheld console to rival all others with its portability, excellent sound and graphics, great range of games and all of its bonus features like built in Wi-Fi and web browser.