You grab your morning coffee and the person who serves you pays you a friendly complement. Wouldn’t it make you feel good and brighten your day? And wouldn’t it be great if you could let that person know they made your day a little better? With Props Love – available to download on iOS and Google Play – you can!

Unlike other review platforms, Props Love focuses only on the positives. You can tag a person’s strengths and leave them a note to show them some appreciation and make their day a little better, too.

As a staff member, you’ll be able to see all your props from the app and read the nice things people have to say about you. If you’re ever feeling down, reading how you’ve positively impacted people is a sure way to make you feel better. What’s more you can redeem your props for gift cards at big retailers like Amazon, Target, ULTA, Starbucks and more.

For business owners, Props Love gives you a never seen before insight into your team’s performance. Look at your staff’s strengths, as chosen by customers, and see all the ways they go the extra mile (even when you’re not looking). It’s an app that can help recognize, reward inspire excellence in the workplace.

Download Props Love on iOS and Google Play for free now!