Struggling to find a reliable babysitter with great recommendations and reviews? Look no further than NannyHunt. The app is available to download free on iOS and Google Play.

As a parent, looking for a new babysitter can be pretty tough. From making sure they’re a suitable fit for your kids to negotiating the price, you place a lot of trust in somebody you may not know particularly well. NannyHunt was built to provide parents with a simpler way to find trusted sitters.

The app makes the most of your social media connections. Searching by location, NannyHunt shows you sitters in your area who have been recommended, rated and reviewed by your friends, family or close connections. By doing this you’re able to hire sitters with more confidence, knowing that somebody you know has had a positive experience with them.

You can send job posts directly to sitters or post on the NannyHunt network and review the applicants. There’s a lot of room to provide job descriptions, duties, and other notes to make sure you get the right child carers applying for the position.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off sitter so you can have a romantic evening with your partner, or a consistent sitter to help with busy days, the app helps you find the perfect person for the job. You’ll be able to see the sitters profile, chat with them via the in-app messaging feature and see their hourly rate in advance, eliminating any awkward negotiations.

For sitters, the app provides an opportunity to find work with flexible hours and generate extra income. Reviews left by sitters of parents help create a transparent environment for all and a stronger network.

NannyHunt makes life easier for parents & sitters. It’s as simple as that! Why not download the app today on iOS or Google Play and give it a try?