Powerskin is UK based company which is quite in popular for the third party hardware solutions especially for the iphone. From powerpacks to battery links, universal chargers and other such products, powerskin has always been quite a solution for those on the go and need a solution immediately for low battery problems.

The company has now taken a step forward by introducing devices which serve for other companies mobile gadgets too. Powerskin has launched its products for Motorola with the battery case being the first venture of the company. The battery cases are silicone covers designed with the feature of keeping the heating off the phone and protecting it even in the harshest of the weathers. It is also quite handy in keeping the scratches off the device and hence keeping it as fresh as always.

All power skins are rechargeable and are environment friendly as they are manufactured from recycle materials and themselves are 100% recyclable too. The technology used by the powerskin is the patented XPAL one which, being exclusive to the company, provides it quite an edge over other third party providers and make it the disputed leader in power solutions.

Powerskin is priced around $60 and its buy is worth the price as it fulfils every criterion for which it is made. Available for online orders, powerskin won’t ever be a regret if you have a precious Smartphone which is quite valuable to you and you want to keep it fresh for long in a stylish techno savvy way.