Are you looking for an ideal way to take your understanding of the English language to a whole new level? Are you looking for a reliable way to improve your English accent? Do you want to build your level of confidence especially when addressing English speakers? Have you heard of the Polly verbs iPhone application? If not head over to iTunes and download the Polly Verbs iPhone app for free.

As a hobbyhorse of the Polly Glot Team, Polly Verbs app is an avant-garde iPhone application that was explicitly engineered to assist individuals who are not well conversant with the English language or those individuals who are looking for an ideal way to take their English accent to a whole new level. In addition Polly Verbs IPhone application offers the user a perfect platform to not improving his or her English language but also presents the user with a reliable way to boost his or her confidence especially when conversing with English speakers.

The high end application has been amalgamated with a voice recognition software which is similar to the one used by SIRI and was developed by Nuance technology. The function of the voice recognition software is to dissect the phrases in search of mistakes both in grammar and pronunciation, hence improving the users’ ability to pronounce English words impeccably. Furthermore the IPhone application also features over 125 daily phrases, various categories of conversations, and five helpful themes which tend to get harder and harder as the user progresses. For competition or result comparison purposes, a leader-board and level statistics have also included for individuals who might feel the need or urge to compete with friends and family members.

For those tricky phrases, a bookmark option has been made available so that the user can be able to practice these phrases later on. So, what are the key features?

Key features

  • A Leader-board and Level statistics for comparison
  • A very precise and accurate voice recognition software that has been developed by Nuance
  • 5 Themes which get harder as one progresses
  • Bookmarks for Tricky phrases.

When it comes to pronunciation and grammar, Polly Verbs iPhone application allows the user to fully understand what they are really saying instead of what they thought they were saying. Needless to say, this user friendly iPhone application will unquestionably leave you in stitches especially after you discover what English speakers would have interpreted from some of your pronunciation. In terms of updates, the iPhone application is usually updated from time to time because every now and then new contents are created by the Polly Glot Team. And did I mention that the application is free of charge?

If you are looking for an ideal way to improve your pronunciation of English words, become a fluent English speaker or improve your general understanding of the English language then Polly verbs is undeniably what you need. Needless to say, Polly verbs iPhone application is not only free but also is a highly interactive and user friendly iPhone application that offers the user a chance to improve on his or her English pronunciation and grammar so that he or she can become a master of the English language.

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