Motion control is a new trend in gaming. Each console has their own device. PlayStation`s new move is much appreciated as they introduced a lightening orb. It has all the usual features and one unique feature. The Lighting Orb has an orb that lights up and displays different colors. The colors vary depending on the game the gamer is playing. Motion gaming helps gamers enjoy their games better. Standard controllers only require button presses. There are many games available for the device, but proper safety is recommended before use.

The PlayStation Move is a motion controller, so there are safely issues to be considered. Motion games requires a lot a movement, so one has to be careful of their surroundings. Knocking over objects is possible. During long hours of playing, palms can get sweaty. When palms sweat, the controller can damage objects due to a weak hold. Another issue worth considering is hurting others. One hard strike can hurt anyone who walks behind the gamer. All these issues are covered in the PlayStation Move guide. Once all the safety issue are covered, consider playing one of these great PlayStation Move games.

The Amazing Spider-Man is a challenging game. Players help Spider-Man as he swings through the city. The motion controller lets players move like the hero. The control does not let gamers hold two move controllers and act like spider-man. The device, however, does offer some other helpful features. The controller helps the player aim the web shooters better. It also lets the player retreat the web with a flick.

Ape Escape Fury Fury is a game about capturing apes. The move controller gives the gamer control over many ape capturing devices. The main weapon in all Ape Escape games is the net. The controller catches apes when the gamer swings the controller. Swings can be done in many different directions. Other devices in the game use the motion controller in unique ways as well.

Brunswick Pro Bowling is a simple game for the whole family. The controller gives gamers great control. Each time the gamer bowls, careful aim and power is required. When the less power is used, the bowling ball will roll slower. Practice helps when playing this game. When the aim and power is correct, players will get a strike.

Casual gamers will enjoy Buzz the Ultimate Music Quiz. It uses the controller in a simple way. This is a quiz game that requires many players. When gamers know an answer, they use the controller as a buzzer.

Da Blob is one of the most unique games. It is a game about paints. Players use the controller to help them throw paints on buildings in the city. By pointing the controller, different paints will travel and design a dull city.

Overall, the PlayStation Move is a unique way to play games. The controller give gamers more options such as speed and aim when bowling. Follow all the safety rules before playing, and you should not have any serious issues.For more information on the device you can get help by callingPlayStation phone number.