Do you make enough time for self-care? Do you pay attention to your body and health system regularly? We can observe there are rapidly increasing numbers of mobile-health applications for self-care, and also there is scarcity for these kinds of fun-filled app development regarding user’s health care monitoring. These issues can be reduced widely by the arrival of applications like Plant Nanny2: Water Tracker, which for people who suffer from dehydration issues.

Plant Nanny2 from Fourdesire

Plant Nanny is so far a famous application that helps users to stay hydrated through a game-like activity. Crafted by Fourdesire, they believe that playing is one of the best ways to learn. Through fun and games, people can cultivate habits, learn valuable skills, and solving some of the most common problems. Thus they create their apps with a fun-filled way of experiencing life.

Dehydration issues can be rectified (in a fun way)

Dehydration causes serious health issues like fatigue, stress, kidney problems, and even loss of concentration. People are too busy and usually have a full schedule. Employees in many firms were affected by this kind of unbalanced routine of work. And these issues can be rectified by using applications like Plant Nanny2. This application allows users to water the virtual little plants while users drink every glass of water. After a given interval we can observe the grown plants as well as our habit of water intake.

Functions of Plant Nanny2

Plant Nanny2 asks for user’s weight and daily activity to generate a plan of hydrating themselves by drinking water. Users are allowed to adjust the daily activity according to their working nature. Plant Nanny2 calculates the amount of water that should be intake daily basis, users have to pour the water for plants while they drinking. This application gives users daily, weekly, and monthly reports of their growth of hydration and they can share their progress with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram which can create a Plant Nanny2 community and creating awareness about dehydration.

Outline of the application

Plant Nanny2 build with a bold and bright interface which easy to use, then it is filled with enticing animations and cute little plants. This makes the app more playful in creating a good habit of stay hydrated. And it is optimized to work in multiple devices with later versions of Android and iOS operating systems. 

Daily Hydration subscription plan

You can now also subscribe to the new daily hydration plan, a premium version with a bigger selection of super cute plants that allows customized dialogue pop-ups. Plant Nanny2 is offering all customers a seven-day trial to try out the premium version for free.


Plant Nanny² is a water reminder app that motivates people to stay hydrated with adorable plants. Considering all of this Plant Nanny2 is an extraordinary application that fills the demands of creating the habit of hydration uniquely. Positive ratings and reviews show us this is a great app of this year. So, those who are all having hydration issues should give it a try on Plant Nanny2.

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