Imagine using an iPhone to create a quick personalized message or even a presentation without the hassle of using Camtasia or Screenflow to record your slides and voice overs. Now you can and it is awesome, fun and easy with the Pingz – iPhone app!
Pingz, works on the iPhone and iPad now, works like a charm to create quick personalized messages and presentations with the iPhone or iPad.

I have hundreds of photos on my iPhone and iPad, and I decided to create quick, fun photo-based videos with the Pingz app.

Starting up Pingz was a breeze and I went ahead to select some photos about my 3-year-old boy making funny faces. I selected the photos and then tap the red record button below the photos which quickly allowed me to speak and record my voice as I swipe through the photos. Swiping through the photos was intuitive. You can also hit left and right arrow keys to move through the photos.

pin1The feature that amazes me is the ability to zoom in and out of a photo during recording. I can set an image pointer within a photo and these pointer actions and movements are recorded as well.

After recording, I previewed the recording. I could delete the recording and redo till I was satisfied. Voice quality was astoundingly clear!

pin2My video presentation was ready in 10 minutes flat without the need to download my photos to the PC or Mac or start up Camtasia or ScreenFlow.

I love the next part. I can just quickly share the video message with friends quickly via text message and even through WhatsApp, email, Jigsaw and even post the video directly to YouTube and/or Facebook. The feature just blew me away! Kudos and amazing!
All video message are saved to Photo Gallery of the iPhone or iPad. And, I can view the video messages without starting up Pingz. Use the video messages like any ordinary video within the phone to share with friends!

The free version of Pingz provides up to 30 seconds of recording length and up to 3 images but you can extend the recording length up to 90 seconds and up to 9 images with in-app purchase. The in-app purchases are inexpensive and I would also recommend upgrading to get the watermark removed.

I didn’t find any real issues creating the video message but if you do find difficulties, there is a help or question mark icon at the top right corner of the app and you can review the help video for instructions.

I do have some qualms about Pingz. I couldn’t find it on the Playstore for Android phones. I do hope the developers will make this amazing app available on the Android platform. It’s just an incredible video message app ready to storm the mobile personalize video message world.

I also didn’t like the 3 photos video message limit for the free version, although you can quickly upgrade it with the in-app purchase. I would think, having 5 photos limit for the free version would encourage more users to play with app before grabbing the in-app purchase upgrade.

Great app. My final review: 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App