The Pin Genie Locker is an application designed around improving your phone’s security. It is designed to replace the standard lock screen with a brand new one. It provides the user with more functionality and security then the standard lock screen using its own code system. The application boasts its ability to keep your information safe but does it really work?

The application will request permission for a large number of elements. On startup you change a few settings to give the application permission to access notifications and to see other running applications. It allows for notifications to be seen on the lock screen. The application does state that information gained through changing the settings will be kept private, although the more skeptical user might be left feeling cautious.

Once the application is fully installed, you will be given the option to set the lock screen. You are able to use the standard lock styles; however the application comes with its own 4 button pin code. Each button contains 3 numbers on it, with buttons holding duplicate numbers. The buttons change each time the lock screen is pulled up. This system makes it much more difficult for anyone looking over your shoulder to figure out the number combination you are using. It provides an extra level of security to your phone.

The user is able to change other features on the application. You are able to set wallpaper with the lock screen from your choice of their wallpapers or your own. There is an option to lock your phone after a certain number of attempts to help prevent intruders from finding their way in if you are seeking even more security. A security question can be set up in order to regain access to the phone should you have trouble with the code.

The application allows you to set the phone to take a picture of intruders after they enter the code too many times wrong. This option can be turned on and off. Pictures that are taken can be set to be delivered to your email address. This option could be used for the sake of seeing a peeping friend friend or to possibly catch a thief who might have stolen your phone.

The Pin Genie Locker is a great tool for someone looking for extra security for their mobile device. The large number of permissions can make the average user nervous. If you can get past that the application is sure to impress anyone who wants to take the security of their mobile device to the next level.

Pros: Makes it difficult for someone peeking at you unlocking your phone to discover your code
Extra functionality from the standard lock screen
Great assortment of lock screen wallpapers
Takes pictures of intruder trying to get into your phone

Cons: Requires access to a large amount of permissions
Set Security Question menu would scroll past choices to quick
Lock Screen appears immediately once screen is turned off
Takes up some resources constantly running

Worth Having App – Download the App