Little Elephant bookkeeping is accounting software that is both beautiful and powerful. It does not have any additional permission, no user system, and no user privacy collection. You can use it with certainty. The design is adeptly simple and elegant, and the operation and use are straightforward.

Elephant’s Accounting Functions Are Summarised Below:

Night-time Mode:

You can choose between night mode and normal mode, which are stunning.

Colours used in the theme:

Little Elephant bookkeeping has five theme colours from which you can choose your favourite.

Statistical Functions Those Are Both Powerful And Easy To Use:

The report and statistics functions in Xiaoxiang Accounting are extremely powerful. You can view your accounting records in three ways: annually, monthly, and daily, with column charts, curve trends, classified reports, and so on.

Features for Local Backup and Cloud Backup:

Little Elephant Accounting lacks an accounting system, but it does have an intelligent local backup system that will back up your data to the local anytime, anywhere to ensure that it is not lost.

Asset Management:

Salaries, bonuses, credit cards, and other assets can be used to manage your income and expenses.

Rich Accounting Types:

Little Elephant Accounting offers a very rich accounting type, such as food, transportation, life, entertainment, and so on, allowing you to manage your consumption types freely. To make things even more distinctive, there are quality areas for users to explore, so there are numerous reasons to explore every nook and corner in this latest app.

I believe that Piggy Bookkeeping is a superior option for accounting software because they are familiar and also include a quality amount of salient app features or the like involved in some way for users. When Piggy Bookkeeping first came out, I became obsessed with its various app features because it was one of the few outstanding features that satisfied all types of global users.

Final Say

Despite many new app arrivals, I still felt that the Piggy Bookkeeping app benefited users and performed better professionally as streamlined as possible.