Recently, Panasonic Solutions Company announced its Android-based Toughbook that has been aimed specifically at solving the enterprise-level real-time reliability and security concerns especially those of their on-field operatives and non-managerial recruits. The all-round success of the Toughbook brand in the rungs of various government-level and private enterprises has prompted many companies to offer a similar solution of their own and Panasonic Android Toughbook is simply no exception in this regard. The Panasonic Android Toughbook, as implied by its name, would support the latest Android OS from Google which would certainly enhance the data processing and data accessibility capabilities of the device significantly, thereby helping the cause of the field worker to a satisfactorily extent.


All this would be made possible by the contemporary style Panasonic Android Toughbook, which would be featuring some of the most desperately sought after technical as well as serviceable options such as a 10-inch matte-finish display with a large screen resolution of 1024×786 pixels that would help make any text on the screen easily legible even in bright daylight.

Also, the added facility of ‘Active Stylus’ in the device would enable the users to capture and insert signatures directly into the device.

The security aspect of Panasonic Android Toughbook has been devised on absolutely unconditional and uncompromised grounds thus enabling the device to be protected at the hardware level.

The GPS functionality has also been embedded into the device ably supported by 3G/4G Wifi connectivity much to the delight of visiting workforce of a company.

With Panasonic Android Toughbook, most enterprises would be hoping optimistically to ease out their concerns pertaining to the enterprise-level work procedures.