They say that for you to be productive in this life, there is need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the best ways of living healthy are eating proper diets and regular exercises. One of the biggest setbacks in many people’s life is the tendency of being overweight. If you are overweight, you face many risks of fatal diseases like heart attack, weak muscles and poor breathing patterns among others; This is the main reason why Pacer Health, Inc. has developed a new app that is going boost your healthy lifestyle. They have released an app known as Pacer.


What is Pacer? 

Pacer is a new app that has been released for all IOS devices users. It is an app that has been designed and developed with a lot of dexterity to ensure that you are active in your workouts, you lose weight in the best way possible, and to help you live longer. There are many apps in the iTunes store that try counterfeit the features of Pacer, but you can always be assured that this is the app that will serve you best. Download it today and you will start feeling the change.

What are the features of Pacer?

The developers of Pacer ensured that all the help that you need to boost your lifestyle is available on your iPhone or iPad. You just have to download the app from the app free from the store and install it free on your device. The app does not require you to have any other setups like wristbands or heart hardware. You just download it, pick an avatar and there you go!

This app works marvelously by tracking all your daily activities. Your phone can be in your hand, sweater or even in your tracksuits. The app will then record your steps, your distance, your most active moments and the calories that you shed. The app will also use a GPS system to track all your outdoor activities (running, walking, cycling, etc.).

Pacer will also give you the unique chance of setting daily goals. You can adjust the number of miles that you want to travel each day. When you start beating these daily goals, you will start enjoying the fruits of Pacer within a period of fewer than three months. You will start losing your unwanted weight periodically, and the app will track all these things in the best way possible. It will also track your BMI and blood pressure levels, and it will try to compare/correlate all your activities with the changes. You can also decide to create groups with your friends and family members whom you can compete with to beat your daily goals.


Pacer works in agreement with the WHO regulations, and this shows that it is a useful app. You can also synchronize your activities and all the other records for future reference with your MyFittnessPal account. You can then proceed to save all this data to Apple Health Application -you can always refer to this data very fast because the app supports Apple Watch. It is as simple as that.

Pacer Premium

There is a new upgrade to Pacer premium where you can enjoy guided workouts, a weight-loss coaching program, weight-loss groups where you can chat online with other Pacer users, more advanced systems of data insights and reporting and an advanced weight tracking tool.

The new version and the subscription costs

The new version of Pacer will allow you to set-up an auto-backup system for all your data. The new version will also fix some bugs that were slowing down the operations of your phone.

Every Pacer user is required to pay either yearly or monthly subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions will charge you $3.99, and the annual subscriptions will cost you $19.99. The subscriptions are automatic, but you can decide to turn off the auto-subscribe function.

We can conclude that Pacer is a great app that minds about your health. It can save you from the big costs at the gym. It is also useful for those people who cannot get time to visit their local gyms. Download it today!

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