Gaming on the iPhone is fun. Apple’s competent device can run a wide variety of games without breaking a sweat. As a result, a lot of us enjoy playing games on our phone we’re bored waiting in line or at the airport and craving mental stimulation. However, gaming is never a cheap activity. Most of the best games are paid or require in-game purchases to play effectively. The ones which are completely free are full of intrusive ads designed to be clicked whether by mistake or intentionally.

What if I told you there was a way to enjoy gaming on the go not only without spending money but actually standing a chance to win money instead! Ozoneplay is an app that enables you to do just that. It is a gaming platform for iOS that has a multitude of games on it, spread across several exciting genres. With the number of options available, there’s something for everyone on Ozoneplay.

Acquiring a new game is as easy as downloading one from the App Store. Each game is entirely free from beginning to end. No hidden charges or in-app purchases either. The games are completely free from ads too. You won’t have to close an annoying pop-up ad every time you die. Each game is a clean, unencumbered experience which will make you wonder how something so good can be free.

The games a centered around multiplayer and competition. As such, they are great to play with friends. I had an enjoyable experience with my buddies when we played BasketBall-Jam, one of the games available on Ozoneplay, together online. The games are quite addictive and keep begging to be played more.

Now let’s get to the part about making money. Yes, it’s true. One can effectively make some spare change or big bucks with this app. It’s sort of like betting but is dependant on your gaming skills rather than chance. To take a shot at winning some cash, you need to enlist yourself in a tournament. Almost every game has tournaments available which put your skills to the test to get a chance to win rewards. To participate in these, you need to register by paying a minor fee, sometimes as low as just $0.25. Participating in these tournaments is a great way to make use of skill you’ve developed in a game that you’ve been playing for a long time.


• Makes a vast selection of high-quality free to play games available for free.
• Earning money through participating in tournaments for games on Ozoneplay is easy and fun


• Participating in tournaments for a shot to earn a reward requires some financial investment, even though it pales in comparison to the reward.

Final Verdict:

Anyone who spends time playing games on his phone, even if for a little while, will find this app useful. Getting to play games for free on your phone without having to deal with ads or being pestered incessantly by the game to buy something alone make the app worth downloading. However, Ozoneplay goes a step further and gives you the opportunity to profit from the skills you’ve developed in a particular game by playing it over time. Ozoneplay’s unique business model makes it one of the best apps for the iPhone to enjoy games through.

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