As kids, many of us enjoyed collecting and playing with matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. Makeshift tracks were made, racers were chosen, and “races” were held. Sometimes, even LEGOs found themselves in our mix. Now, with today’s technology, we’re able to relive those experiences we had as children through gaming apps like Out of Brakes, an arcade racing game available on the App Store. Although not the absolute greatest arcade racing game out there today, it was most certainly worth a shot.


Features and Gameplay

Out of Brakes features voxel graphics, a dynamic physics engine, destructible environments and obstacles, great visuals, and statistically distinct drivers and cars. It’s an endless runner game, meaning the gameplay goes on and on until the player either stops the gameplay or dies. In Out of Brakes, you’ll find yourself avoiding obstacles with your touch screen, collecting resources, and trying to stay alive on the track.

The game is compatible with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It requires at least iOS 7.0 to run as well as around 52mb of memory. As soon as you start the game, you’re greeted with an eloquent tutorial on how to play, understanding the game’s mechanics, and how to stay alive.

The ultimate perk of this game is the fact that the cars you drive don’t have any brakes—hence the name of the game. The geography of the track is always varying, as well. For instance, some parts of the track are entirely even, some parts are steeply-inverted slopes, and others downhill slopes. This means you’ll have to take into consideration the diverse speeds and other movements your car will reach and make when you hit certain parts of the track. This, on top of dodging obstacles and collecting power-ups and resources, makes for an extremely entertaining and robust gaming experience.


Other Perks of the Game

The creators of the app took into account the foreseeable difficulty in the micromanagement this game requires. They’ve added a control that allows you to somewhat control the speed of your car, allowing you to increase and decrease, but not stop completely. There are also in-game features that allow you to slow down. For example, blue clocks placed throughout the track, when hit, slow your car down, but you mustn’t mistake these for holes, oil, or pitfalls. Hitting these can easily cost you your life, but the primary enemy you need to look out for is the red blocks. If you hit any of these, it’ll result in the immediate destruction of your voxel vehicle.


Overall, Out of Brakes is certainly worth your time and entertainment. You’ll find yourself competing against your own times and distances, seeing how far you can get without crashing or destroying yourself. You’ll set personal records while having fun at the same time. The game can get a little boring once enough time passes by, but no arcade game is perfect. The gameplay is simple and solid, the visuals are pretty, and the game itself reminded me of some great childhood memories. All in all, I would give this app a four, out of five.

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