Phones with huge storage and great cameras are, well, great. That is until you go to an event and need to track down all those great group photos your friends took and beg them for weeks to send them to you. My Wow Memories, available to download on iOS, solves the problem by creating an easy place for you all to share pictures of an event or occasion.

Simply create a group, give it a name and a date, then invite your people to it! Once they’re in, you’ll be able to share pictures, videos and easily access any shared media. From there you can get creative with the highlight maker. Choose your best photos and videos, then create a slideshow or highlight reel in just a minute!

Fast forward when the event is a distant memory, you’ll still easily be able to look back on it and see the pictures and videos you and your friends took on that day. No more sifting through thousands of pictures on your phone to find the ones you want. Finding the pictures to reminisce about only takes a few seconds.

Download My Wow Memories on iOS and start creating memories today!