Our life is a mess most of the time and when we have a to-do list of all the things we need to execute, it can be very helpful. If all the information is scattered across your mails, various tools on the internet and other notebooks, managing all of them single handed is definitely a tiresome task. Luckily, we found a tool with more options to get things done. This productivity app designed for iOS devices is given by the seller Brandon Storms.

Yes, Suru is the best tool that helps you manage and organize all your data. All the checklist/outline/to-do apps lack some features that we desire the most. Even if we are able to find one with all essential features like alarms, reminders, photo and video inclusion options, the app might look cramped and pretty messy to handle. Suru is clearly one awesome tool that does all the things with such vibrant colors.

Suru makes organizing of your projects and tasks a breeze. Yes, with this tool, you can add any number of projects and tasks that you need. You can make research data as you gather ideas from anywhere you desire. This app helps you to add tasks, sub-tasks with minute detailing by including photos and videos. As you include them, you can add any of the beautiful colors as themes so that categorizing and identifying gets easier.

Suru is simply amazing with all the wonderful features and an easy-to-handle interface. It helps you to do what you have in mind; put them in the format you want and get the things done. Users will be able to set reminders and alarms to the tasks they want to execute. This ensures that you don’t leave any task unattended.  Re-organizing, re-coloring, and deleting of your items or sub-items is also possible with this app. With Suru, you can export the files into a PDF format and share it later with anyone else.

Suru Pro comes with different plans namely: the monthly subscription is available for $1.49 and the yearly subscription for $8.99. When you have Suru Pro, you will be able to sync your work with all the devices that have Suru in it. All the photos, videos and other works can be saved in the cloud as a backup. You will get the support and updates of future inclusions to the app.

Suru is available in 4 languages and is rated 4+. The team members of Suru are always glad to help you and will have all your doubts answered and you can reach them via [email protected]. They are open for any feedback about their product, so that they can improve it in the upcoming versions.

Go on! Download Suru today and start organizing your tasks. It could never get better than this. 

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