A Link Generator and App Opener OpeninApp is a link generator and app opener developed by Listed Inc, designed to improve user engagement, increase followers, and drive revenue for content creators. It is a social app that provides link shortener, smart links, and links in bio.

Generate Quick Links with OpeninApp

OpeninApp’s URL shortener allows users to generate quick, easy, and efficient smart links in as little as 20 seconds. It also provides the ability to personalize links, making it easier to align them with a unique brand identity.

Measure and Grow with OpeninApp

OpeninApp’s link shortener feature also provides in-depth analytics, so users can measure the performance of their link and understand their metrics. This gives them the edge to get more brand deals and increase engagement by up to 10 times.

Additional Tools

OpeninApp provides a variety of additional tools to its users. YT Cash is an AI affiliate app which extracts background products and generates affiliate shopping links. Affilinks is an affiliate link creator that allows users to generate affiliate links for products and services, and earn commission on each purchase. Barter Box is a match-making tool between influencers and brands, and Caption-it is a trending hashtag generator and caption creator for Instagram.

The OpeninApp link shortener is completely safe to use. On the go, copy, customise, and share your smart links. With our free link generator, you can view link performance at any time and from any location. Are you prepared to take your brand to the next level? Download OpeninApp now to increase audience engagement and ad revenue!

Final Thoughts

OpeninApp is a great tool for content creators who want to increase their followers and make more money. Its URL shortener and link creator features are easy to use, and its additional tools provide users with extra ways to boost their income. OpeninApp is a great app for anyone looking to make the most of their content.

OpeninApp-Bio Link App Opener