A small idea to solve a simple problem could indeed lead to much higher efficiency. Nonetheless, these ideas are of no worth unless they are worked upon and developed into useful tools. ONDiGO, an Android app is one among those ideas that began with solving a simple issue and resulted in a highly effective and efficient app. Keep in touch with all of your contacts while on the move with the help of this app.

In a business, it is indeed hard and challenging to keep track of your contacts, each of them being equally important in some aspect. There is also the dire need to separate between business and personal contacts. If you have an Android device (An iOS version will be available soon), ONDiGO will make your life a lot easier by helping you do just this.

Navigation and graphics of this app are simply very clear and easy to follow. Even if you are a beginner, this app makes it all seem highly simple indeed. With your contacts separated, it is easy to arrange for business meetings, make links of communication between contacts, track contact history and obtain detailed information about the social life of all your contacts.

While there are many other similar apps in this niche, ONDiGO has a clear edge over them all in terms of its functionality and usability. The design is concise, clear and very crisp. The interface too is very intuitive and extremely easy to understand and use. It makes a task that would otherwise seem daunting and hectic very simple. You do not need to be tech-savvy to use this app.

As the name suggests, this app is always with you while on the go. You can manage your contacts from just anywhere in the world. You also have the option to create reminders for essential tasks and view them in real time while interacting with your contacts. You have the option to tag each of your contacts and make them easy to sort. With personal notes, you can manage individual customers and contacts. These notes can be given as text by typing them in, or you can use your voice to save them as text. Add reminders for your meetings too so that you never miss any important one.

Another important feature of this app is that it is synced with a cloud. This means that once you save your contacts, you cannot lose them even if you happen to lose your mobile device. This ensures that you stay in touch with those important to you at all times. The app could do with more varied categories to separate one’s contacts besides business and personal only.

The app developers has truly thought this app through and added simple solutions to all the little yet annoying problems faced by someone in a business scenario. With its clear cut layout. Working on it is much easier done than said. With the use of colors, this app will surely make sure that you do not lose touch. The two major tasks of making your contact list smart and managing your time for higher efficiency have been accomplished using this app.

Good: Effectively increases efficiency and makes your contacts smart

Bad: Could do better with more categories to separate contacts into.

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