If there is a game that introduces the player to the fascinating world of gambling, then it is absolutely this incredible The Old Win Downtown Casino. Interestingly, this game adopts the Classic-type Vegas games and slots which in turn exposes the player to the ancient Vegas times. Designed and created by Heidi Morsi, this game has incorporated amazing features that gives the player a unique chance to enjoy the modern casino era in a momentous way. To improve and enhance its performance, this app game was recently updated on 21st April, 2016 and it is now available in its latest version 1.1. Apparently, this English-based is downloadable for free where users can get a chance to play and experience its amazing gameplay.

Compatible devices for The Old Win Downtown Casino game

This game actually requires efficient and convenient mobile devices with great capabilities of delivering amazing performance. Thus it works very efficiently on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone devices. Besides, the user will also need to have installed iOS 7.0 or any newer version of operating system found in the market.

Getting into the game

How does one actually operates and play the game? This game is just pretty simple to understand and engage in playing. At first, the player can go ahead and place different types of bets and then spin the reel. Actually, one will notice that there is also there is the ancient version of the spinning wheel called fortune wheel that will absolutely give the player the old ancient times’ taste. Interestingly, if the spinning wheel settles at a perfect position, the player gains numerous coins and rewards

Besides, there are three forms of reels that the player will come across in this amazing game. Meanwhile, the big handle that appears to be red-ended will facilitate pulling of the reel in order to roll it well. To make the more fun and exciting, one will discover that the reels move around producing different rhythms that match well with the pace at which they are moving. This will indeed make the game worth playing even when one is just alone.


Some amazing features being offered by The Old Win DownTown Casino app game include:

Great Classic Fortune wheel 

What a great component one will come across! Designed with great adaptation from the golden ancient eras, it just works amazingly perfect. This wheel actually rolls efficiently to give the player desired results will unlock earnings and rewards. The rhythm and alarm sirens (when coins fall) emanating from the classic wheel makes the game absolutely interesting.

Besides, the slot machines for the reels appear old with great quality formation that make them appealing.

Play anytime

This is an amazing feature that allows users to play the game at their own convenient time regardless of their geographical location. There is also no need at all to connect to internet connectivity. It is internet free! All that is required is just the compatible device.

Only virtual money used

This clearly implies that the player is going to enjoy the game maximally without the aspect of losing any money. Interestingly, the coins and the rewards obtained appear real with great sense of value as earnings.

Amazing ancient sounds and rhythms

This feature absolutely connects the player to the old-time casino settings, which now appears more integrated with the new and modern casino era. The entertaining music and sounds make the experience amazing. What about the sound effects? They will leave one completely thrilled.

Low space usage

This game is space-efficient and it will only consume a lesser space on one’s gadget. Besides, it will still maintain its efficiency perfectly well.

Don’t miss the noisy jackpots

This is where the player can place different bets aimed at winning great awards. The process is regarded to be noisy since the spinning wheel has to move around fast and severally before settling on the final score.

Here are some of the pros and cons to note from The Old Win DownTown Casino game:


· Amazing sound effects and rhythms

· Fun and exciting- one earn rewards

· High quality graphic content; themes, fruits bars and cherries

· High performance-oriented

· Easy to play


· Bugs problems though they are now fixed

· Can simulate real gambling


From the reviews obtained from honest customers who have used this incredible app, it is satisfactory that indeed it is worth getting it. The amazing experience, fun, high quality formation and its engaging nature makes an ardent game player not to miss that chance. Download it today at iTunes and get started now!

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