The last few decades have seen some of the most brilliant minds engage in trading activities. This is particularly currency and commoditytrading. In this avenue, it is not surprising to note that oil is considered one of the most profitable commodities in trades. To this end, a number of apps have been developed to help analyze and make educated predictions on the expected market direction. one such app is the OilPrice iPhone app.

Oil Price iPhone app

OilPrice iPhone app is an oil stock analysis app is designed to work exclusively on the ios platform. The app helps its users keep track of oil stock prices in real time and offers tips on market direction. Although there have been a great number of apps that achieve this purpose, only a few have managed to satisfy their users with quality analysis tools and good user experience. This app does its name proud by offering a variety of features including real-time oil prices, market data, and stock alerts.


Live oil pricing- the app allows its users to keep track of oil prices in real time. Any changes on marked stocks are notified to the user. Since the app follows changes in over 200 oil commodities, changes in any direction are notified to the user as per their settings.

Comments section- the app facilitates a community of stock professionals to discuss. On the forum, users get to share and discuss ideas regarding the oil market. This feature is especially helpful if you are new to the market and are trying to get an understanding of how thing work.

Notifications- the app allows its users to select a number of commodities that matter to them. In doing so, you can set whatever targets you want to be notified when achieved. This feature is especially important to persons who enjoy trading without having to follow the stocks all day long. Notifications are also made on topics surrounding the commodity you are tracking. This includes articles and discussions.


The app is without a doubt one of the best apps in the market that offer these services. Considering how popular the oil market has become, this app offers a welcome relief in to a trade enthusiast. Its features offer both newbie and professional traders an avenue to easily track and predict market direction. Being part of a community also helps newbie users get an edge in what to do to maximize profits in their trading endeavors.

The app however has an interface that may be a little difficult to navigate at first. This is more so the case to persons who have not had experience using similar apps. This may bring up a challenge in understanding and using the analysis tools provided.


Of the vast number of apps claiming to offer this and similar services, the Oil Price iPhone app has managed to prove its worth. It is a perfect app for both beginners and experienced traders. If you are looking for an app to cover all things oil trading, then this is the app for you.

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