After a long wait, the Nokia users will be delighted to have a Nokia Lumia 1020 which judiciously combines PureView Camera and Windows OS. It can produce high resolution images while offering outstanding camera grip to users. Though Nokia Lumia 1020 will not be considered as a best Smartphone ever but it has capability to become the best cameraphone ever.  Here is a quick glance to this tremendous device of today’s time in terms of Software, Display, Camera and functionality.


The Nokia Lumia 1020 features all the important characteristic of its predecessors when it comes to design. The technology experts were expecting unibody polycarbonate design in the device but it featured a matte finish instead of sporting glossy chassis.  This subtle change will help the device to remain well protected from fingerprints and smudges.


Nokia Lumia 1020 features the ClearBlack AMOLED display of 4.5 inch. It comes with pixel density of 334 per inch and Corning Gorilla Glass3. The color reproduction of this device is quite close to the actual world if compared with AMOLED displays which are featured in other devices of Nokia. Company claims that the ClearBlack technology in this device will improve the contrast of its display, courtesy to the lower reflections on the device’s screen. On the virtue of this functionality, it is also capable of delivering good performance in bright sunlight as well.


In terms of Software, Nokia Lumia 1020 is quite similar to the other Windows phones of Nokia. The device features Smart Cam and Pro Cam along with some special programs such as Transit, Maps and City Lens.  As Microsoft is successful in delivering highly consistent and stable user experience, it will not surprise users who are well acquainted with the similar kind of Operating System.


Nokia Lumia 1020 brags about its 41 megapixel camera with special sensor inside it. It is capable of clicking pictures of either 34 megapixel or 38 megapixel, depending upon whether you are clicking it in 4:3 or 16:9 mode, very akin to what users have seen in Nokia 808.    The default camera app in the device is Pro Cam which is lacking in few features found in recent devices of Nokia. However, Pro Cam provides sufficient control to users so that they can manage the shutter speed, exposure, white balance and ISO according to their own needs. These adjustments can be easily carried out by dragging the click button. The application is also extremely helpful in giving the exact preview of how the images may look when a user tries to make changes with white balance.


Along with the nice phone, Nokia Lumia 1020 plays an important role of a pocket camera. In many aspects it is similar to Nokia Lumia 920. The recent updates to software have definitely enhanced its functionality and an individual who is in search of a Smartphone with highly advanced camera will definitely try to grab this phone.  The ability of Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture stunning photos will make it most sought after device in the Smartphone market.