What’s the best part of going on a trip? I think it’s fun, food and stay with your family and friends! Isn’t it? From planning a trip to returning back, food plays a very important part. You pack the items you want to eat while travelling with some snacks and food. However, they are not going to last for a day. You need to buy again or dine somewhere at a restaurant during your journey. Especially, if you are travelling with your own vehicle. You instantly open the Google maps and search a restaurant nearby. But, do you know whether the restaurant is hygienic, safe and A-lister on the web? It takes time to search all these things while travelling when you don’t have enough time. So you visit there and dine in and get really disappointed. Did it happen to you? Well, I’m the victim and make the same mistake so many times until I found an amazing app to solve my problem. Yes, No dining curves, is a brilliant app who frequently dines at restaurants for a lunch, dinner party, occasions, etc.

No dining curves help you to search the best restaurants to dine in the town. Whenever you go for a trip, you can locate the best restaurants easily near you. If you’re planning to go out with your friends and invite them to a party, you can search for the best restaurants near you as well as near your friend’s location, meaning in the middle of both of you! It will be easy and convenient for you as well as your friends. No dining curves has been developed by Vanguard I.T. in the ‘Food & Drink’ category. If you’re living in any of these cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle, then you can enjoy using the app otherwise you have to wait. stevehacks

The app basically provides you a list which has various categories such as: favorites, recommended, A-listers, Location, Cuisines, etc. The category favorites and recommended comes under the Menu section. It provides the entire list of the restaurants and their food which are recommended and liked by most of the people. The cuisines can be anything like Chinese food, Italian, Thai, Mexican, and a lot more. You can categorize the restaurants and select whatever cuisine you like to dine!

Overall, No dining curves helps you to keep track of each and every restaurant in the city on the basis of their food quality, grading, customer ratings, location, etc. It gives their location and provides a map also that mention it’s correct address, inspection grade, customer grade and time taken to reach that restaurant. The restaurants which are A rated, are present at the top of the list of the restaurants. When you click on a restaurant, you will get to know everything about it such as menus, grade, ratings, favorite, recommended food, etc. So don’t bother to download pdf files from the web and start using No dining curves!

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