Nintendo has got extra upper hand and dedicated family of gadgets into gaming with its entertaining and unique consoles. See what the recent Nintendo Wii U offers in our exhaustive review on this highly anticipated device .


Though Wii U appears quite similar to the basic Wii, it has got a bit round shape this time. It is made to sit flat instead of upright, but user has still option of making his own choice. In our opinion, Wii U looks amazing when lying flat. On the front side of console, you can see sync, power and eject buttons, disc drive and flap that adequately cover SD card slot and two USB ports.  On the back side there is power connector and we are surprise to see the HDMI port on Nintendo console for the first time. The device also offers two extra USB ports, AV port and sensor bar connector. So a user can use earlier cables if they want to and skip the option of having HDMI port.

Hardware and Performance :

Under the flashy and high class exterior of Nintendo Wii U, there is AMD Radeon based GPU and multicore processor of IBM. Wii U is easily able to deliver full HD resolution of up to 1080P. The interface appears very similar to the previous console Wii and it is smooth to navigate as well. But you will get slightly frustrated while as the opening setting take a bit more time to load. Apart from gaming, one can also use this device to access different services like Netflix, Loverfilm, skype and YouTube in app. The internet browser is also available and Gamepad can be nicely utilized as a replacement to TV remote control. You can find dedicated button for this.

Launch games:

FIFA 13 – Though it is not packaged with PS3 and footie sim’s 360 features, the sports game mainly relies on the second screen. FIFA 13 doesn’t offer any pausing to create any tactical or subs masterstrokes.

ZombiU – This hard to survive and thrilling horror is the killer app of Wii U for hardcore adventure game lovers. A user can check clues, maps and inventory in real time while vulnerable to several attacks.

Nintendo Land – A nice intro to Wii U’s tru caliber to deliver sports game, Nintendo land is packaged with plethora of exciting tactics.

Other exciting games such as Trine 2 Director’s Cut, New Super Mario Bros U and Mass Effect 3 Special Edition are also offered to make Nintendo Wii U completely unique.

Bottom Line:

Priced at £299 and £249, Nintendo Wii U is worth paying some additional cash to get highly advanced console. For all the Nintendo fans, who were waiting to enter HD era, Wii U is like real treat to them.  Nintendo’s this game console is successful in delivering some unique platform rather than just imitating someone else’s plan. The industry and overall technology is also going to evolve in upcoming years. Considering this, Nintendo Wii U is sure to offer experience and feel which no other game console has offered.