The Nintendo 3DS is the latest in a line of fabulous groundbreaking consoles from Nintendo. It is not uncommon for Nintendo to launch a revolutionary product like the 3DS and it, like its predecessors, does not let you down.

The big excitement with this console is the fact that it offers 3D handheld gaming. That’s right all of your favourite games will be coming in 3D to your hands. If you don’t feel like playing in 3D it even comes with an option to decide exactly how much 3D is featured, right down to the choice of playing entirely in 2D. Another huge feature of this console is the fact that it comes with a built in motion and gyro sensor meaning adding a whole new dimension to your gaming.

On top of the gaming the Nintendo 3DS comes with a webcam enabling you to take pictures and the capability to insert an SD card to play your music from and store all of your game saves. Overall the Nintendo 3DS is an excellent all round handheld games console.