The panic of losing your friends at a crowded event, night out or while on vacation is a pretty scary feeling. Bthere, available on Android & iOS, is a group messaging app with location tracking that makes it easy to connect with friends & make sure nobody gets left behind. In addition to a host of messaging & safety features, the app aims to empower real-life connections and rewards you for hanging out with your friends!

At its core, the app is a feature-rich group messaging app. First you create a “circle”, which is a group of friends, family, co-workers, you choose. Circles can be permanent or temporary (perfect for single events). Once your circle is created, you’ll be able to chat, share pictures, send hilarious GIFs and reactions to friends’ messages.

Using autonomous location tracking, the app shows you where members of your circle are (you can customize your own map pin, which is pretty cool) as well their battery status. Not only is this great to see where ‘that friend who is always late’ is, it’s perfect for making sure nobody gets lost while out as a group. Should anybody get into a situation, the SOS button alerts members of your circle that you need urgent help.

The location feature also tracks how often you and your friends spend together, rewarding you all with coins. You can spend these coins at the in-app store for bthere merchandise, as well as discounts with their brand partners such as ASOS, Bird, FabFitFun, Bumble, Postmates and more. The list is constantly growing, too!

Bthere is a group messaging app that empowers and rewards real-life connections as well as making hanging out with your friends safer.

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