Nearminder is an amazing app which lets you know what is happening nearby you and it makes sure you never miss out on anything. With its advanced feature’s you will know what exciting event are taking place around you when you’re traveling or even within your own city.It can also remind you of the little things that matter like perhaps getting milk when you go to the grocery store. Have you ever been traveling and just wanted an easy way to find points of interest in a foreign country? now you do with NearMinder.

Always have something to do with your friends and family. You will never be bored again with NearMinder advising you on all upcoming event or even event happening just a couple hours away near you. With all the information you need and even interesting details you might not have known before.It is simple and easy.

I have seen this play out many time when I go to the store and I forget the milk, once I get home I remember and I have to make the trip all over again. We have all been there but it doesn’t have to happen again. Another very smart feature of NearMinder is that it reminds you to get the milk every time once you are at the grocery store saving you time and money by not having to make the same trip twice.

With a map and an easy to use survey panel find anything you need nearby. Maybe a place to eat after a long drive, a gas station before your car runs out on a trip or even just a trip to the grocery it is made simple with step by step directions to your destination.
When you go to an exotic and beautiful country on vacation you don’t want to be spending time looking for all the points of interest and what you can do nearby which can take a long time to plan and before you know it your vacation is over. NearMinder shows you all the points of interest with details near by you and you can also see what events are going to happen nearby you, it practically plans your vacation for you.

Another very useful feature is meetups where you can check out specific meetups about your passion. You can socialize and meet new people while talking about your passions. Perhaps you like art or music, with one click you can see all the meetups around you about anything. You might just pick up a new passion in the way that you did not know about.

NearMinder is a necessity to make your life just a little bit easier. Telling you about occasions happening all around you that you did not know about before. Reminding you about those items you sometimes forget at the grocery or the pharmacy. Making it easier to plan what to do on your next vacation and never getting lost again. Even finding meetups about your passion close by where you will make new friends.

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