Long gone are the days of sending greeting card and letters to your friends and family, thanks to the digital age, we now are accustomed to receiving emails and electronic cards. However, when you do receive an actual physical copy, which could be a rare moment, the feeling is unique and special. This is where MyPostcard comes in, this unique app combines old school traditions with a digital touch. With just a few swipes, this app will help you design beautiful Postcards and Greeting cards that you can ship out to your family and friends.

With a simple and straightforward design, the application gives you 2 options, you can either select to send a PostCard or Greeting Card. Once you select your choice, for example, you click on the ‘send postcard’ button. It immediately gives you a range of styles to choose from, like Trio, Multi, Instant, Panorama, Classic and more

These styles are visually stunning templates that enhance the look of the postcard. On selecting your preferred style, you will be taken to a new screen where you can add images as per the template you choose, so if you select panorama, the postcard will be divided into 3 grids, each grid gives you an option of adding an image. Adding 3 images that form a larger landscape is perfect for a panorama styled postcard.

The app also gives you the option of selecting your images via three methods: Camera, Photo Album, Instagram. If you choose anyone of the options, you will be immediately directed to that companion application. Once the image is uploaded, you get the option of adjusting the image as per your choice. You can zoom in and out, rotate and move the image with standard gestures.

You can also change the frame color of the image to either black or white and add a custom text to it. Note that no emoticons are allowed because the app is sticking to its traditional roots of old school styled graphics.
Once you have finished customizing the app you can proceed to write a message on the back of the card as well as choose the address you want to ship it to. All of this populates in a simple handwritten style format.
It will then take you to the checkout option where it populates the amount based on the address and the style of the postcard or greeting card, once you have made the payment, an actual physical copy of your postcard will be sent to the recipent.
Application Pros and Cons

1.) Visually stunning
2.) Beautiful Interface3.) Multiple Styles to Choose from4.) Quick, simple and straightforward navigation


1.) Slight Bug when choosing album which can easily be fixed on the second attempt2.) Rates could be a bit expensive depending on the location you send the postcard or greeting card

Final Verdict:
This app is unique and we do not often see such apps in the market and even though the prices may vary depending on the location, the number of features, easy to use interface and styles offered by the app, makes it worth a download.

Worth Having App – Download the App