Weddings are considered to be the most memorable moments in a person’s life as they begin their exciting journey of life with their loved one. But, planning a wedding can prove to be a very challenging task, especially if the couple to be married are both working full time and cannot spend a lot of time planning and organizing their wedding! The Axeo Digital Wedding Planner is the panacea that everyone has been expecting for to help overcome the chaos that usually occurs in any wedding planning.

All about “AXEO”:

The word “AXEO” abbreviates to “Advanced Xenial Electronic Organizer” and the purpose for having such a name is that Xenial in Greek refers to being hospitable and accommodative to guests and friends which is what a wedding planning is all about. Thus, the name by itself gives a very positive and encouraging outlook to the users! The digital planner can easily be accessed with a web link and it functions like an application, but with no installation requirements. It easily adapts to any form factor whether big or small and designed in a unique way such that it is compatible on iPhones, Androids, tablets, laptops and desktops. They function on all web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, then you will have to download the free Chrome Frame Plugin in order to access the planner.

Full Range of Wedding Planning Tools:

Axeo has adapted the practice of continuous improvement and this is evident from the fact that they keep adding new features and tools, every time users give feed-back requesting additional features on the planner. The Digital Planner encompasses all the essential planning tools that you need. The standard tools that are available are:

1. Wedding Guest List
2. RSVP & Attendance
3. Wedding To-Do List
4. Calendar
5. Table Planning
6. Wedding Suppliers
7. Wedding Budget Calculator
8. Wedding Songs List
9. Wedding Photography List
10. Wedding Menu
11. Order of The Day
12. Order of Service
13. Wedding Overview

Key Features:

The digital planner embraces certain unique aspects that make it a valuable asset for all those planning their wedding. The critical points are:

  • It does not impose any limit on the number of guests you can add.
  • Axeo does not have access to any private information stored in the planner.
  • It does not charge the user any subscription fee to store the planning data.

If the account is inactive for more than a year, the data is automatically archived, which can be retrieved at any point in time.

  • It can be used for Civil Partnerships as well. Once the account is activated the users can determine how the system should work, either Bride and Groom or Partner 1 and Partner 2.
  • It can be offered as a gift to anyone planning their wedding as it comes as a Gift Pack which contains the Digital Planner activation card, the chosen USB drive in a stylish red gift box and an envelope in which you can add a personalized message.
  • The Axeo Digital Wedding Planner offers a live demo for you to take a trial. All the functions and aspects are available for a free trail. It functions like the real application, except that the data is not stored.

With all these tools and trademark attributes, the Axeo Digital Planner can indeed make your wedding a truly memorable day that will be cherished forever!

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