Word games are popular with kids and also with adults at times. The technological advancement makes it possible to play the old-time classic games with new innovative apps on mobile devices. Your kid can be in junior school and there are a plethora of apps in the market which can assist them in learning. Education apps come for free and when you choose the best apps for kids they will be able to learn better. Whether it is gaming, learning, or homeschooling, these kid-friendly apps not only provide fun to your kids but make them learn without even knowing it.

Mussila Wordplay belongs to the ‘Education’ category and is available in both the Play Store and the App Store. It comes with a neat interface that has separate columns like Learn, Play, Create and Practice. There is a profile option in the app where users can sign in, enter their details, make purchases and so on. Users can turn on/off the music of this app as and when they prefer.

Mussila Wordplay has four learning paths: The Learn path, Play path, Practice and Create path. It allows children to learn new words, play using them, practice whatever they have learned and create their own stories with their imaginary powers. To do all of this, the app is loaded with so many quizzes, spelling, word soups, listen & guess, listen & answer, sorting words, and sentence builder. Apart from this, there is a dictionary in the app which the child can use for his/her reference.

Mussila Wordplay displays the time taken and the number of marks obtained in percentage depending upon the correct answers given. The background sound effects, the voice, graphics and all that appear in the app are so sleek. Kids would never keep it down and they would keep on playing and learning with it. There are so many options like ‘Read & Listen’, Read-only and Listen only. It is a full package that helps not only children but also the teachers and parents. They can monitor the kids’ activities and promote learning at the same time. When you want to incorporate this learning app in schools for both in-class and remote learning you can inquire at [email protected]. Any feedback and suggestions can be given to [email protected].

Mussila Wordplay comes as the most useful tool that assists children in learning and development. Parents might be able to be on track with what the kids are doing, keep an eye on them and witness their improvement in reading and vocabulary skills in a shorter span. Best suited for children of ages 6 – 8, it is compatible with Android 5.0 or later versions and with iOS 12.0 and above. There are in-app purchases available and they come with many more learning options.

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