Internet has become a necessity for all of us; and in this era of smartphones and tablets you cannot really go around without a perfect data usage plan. Even till a few years back, internet was constricted only to our homes and offices; but with the advent of the smart devices the scenario has changed drastically. Now you move with internet in your pocket, and communication with the world is just a single touch away. No matter where you go, now you can stay connected always without doing anything in extra. Till the time internet was only till your PC or laptop, having an internet connection in your system was all that you would have needed, but to make your smart device truly smart now you need to have a data plan for data usage or opt for a Wi-Fi network.

The problem of depending on WiFi networks is that they are not always available and they are not always safe either. So, the solution resides at taking up a data plan for your smart device, particularly when you are going out on a vacation. Companies like MTX Connect has come up with data only SIM for tablets and smartphones in order to make it really simple and cheap for the Americans. Astonishingly a recent study pointed out that over 57% of the Americans have no idea about how much data they actually consume. Many even went to the extent to say that they do not consume any data. However, this lack of information quickly adds up to the network bills particularly when they are on roaming.

The information has been released through an infographic in order to make people understand that they actually need to be knowledgeable about their data consumption so that they can opt for a plan that actually meets their needs and also fits their budget. In fact it is really important for every smart device user to be aware about their total data needs so that they can plan accordingly and save their hard earned money from paying unnecessary hefty bills to the network carriers.

As revealed by the study, the current cellular data consumption by the U.S. wireless customers has reached a mark of 1.8GB per month, compared to the 450MB per month in 2012, and in this changed scenario it has become really important for every user to be aware about the cheapest options. Americans want to have the data access facility, without spending too much on the bill, and in order to make it happen MTX Connect has come up with a pre-paid, data only SIM for smartphones as well as tablets. These SIMs can be used in 30 different countries and hence they can be the most effective data plans around for the people going on roaming. Being prepaid, the plan enables the users to have a limit on their total data consumption, which can be very useful to plan their data usage according to necessity. So, if you are planning to go out on a vacation, plan up your data usage needs and opt for the prepaid SIM to ensure that you are not overcharged by your carrier.