In the past few years, it’s become harder for me to find developers who continue to release quality apps that I will download it without hesitation. Fortunately, mSpy: Find my Friends Phone is one of those best location tracking apps in the world, and I must admit that they’re rather addictive.

This popular phone tracker app without permission allows you to track your child’s smartphone activities. mSpy not only records your child’s GPS location but also sends it to you so that you can actively keep track of his/her real-time location throughout the day.

More importantly, it is one of the top phone tracker apps that come up with 25+ features with calls, SMS, GPS tracking, and others. You can just install this app on your child’s phone and monitor their immense activity without allowing them know, you’re tracking them.

Key features of the mSpy

  • You can track real-time location with GPS tracking;
  • Best to view call history, get your kind’s details like phone numbers, contact names, and date, time, and duration of the calls;
  • You can monitor sent/received text messages and track their internet activities;
  • Possible to Restrict incoming calls;
  • You can view photos & videos saved in your child’s gallery.

Precisely knowing that your child is at school or that your grandparents are at home assists you to save some nerves. mLite permits you to create virtual fences on the map and will illustrate you notification when the tracked device enters or leaves the zone.

It’s always best to know that your kid went directly to training after school or that your grandmother paid a scheduled visit to the doctor. So remain calm and set an unlimited number of geofenced zones.

There is also option of adding an alarm button on your kid’s phone or grandparents’ phones for emergency cases. With this just one button tap on the tracked phone you can be actively notified that situation needs your immediate attention. GPS tracker will enumerate you GPS location of the tracked phone right away. Thereby one can prevent a dangerous situation.

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