Motorola’s Xoom is the latest gadget by Motorola Company which stands on the competition against Apples iPhones. With a 10.1 inch screen the gadget also has camera on the front as well as on the side. It is a Google’s optimized version of Android, and the specs of this gadget are such that they would leave all the other Android phones behind.

Pros and Cons of Motorola Xoom

The gadget is one of the latest from the Android series of Motorola, with a network compatibility of 4G. Technically, it can compete with the Apple’s iPhone. When thinking of its positive aspects, the features and specs of this gadget are far more than expectations, that leave the many hi fi phones behind, but its high price is a hurdle in its high number of sales. With a large number of user ratings, Motorola Xoom is definitely worth praising.

The gadget has a high speed. This is because it has a Dual Core Processor, which makes its functioning fast. Motorola Xoom is made of Gorilla Glass, which is a tough glass, and thus, there is no requirement of any other secure thing. With a number of positive aspects and amazing features, it has gained a lot of good reviews from the users. However, one negative aspect is that the speakers are good, but not as good as expected. With a bit of complications, it is difficult for a novel to use it, but its guide book is definitely helpful to guide the user step by step.