This year, expect to see some incredible smartphone launches with newcomers like ZTE, Huawei and Lenovo entering the smartphone arena and competing with market giants Nokia, Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and LG. We have seen some amazing smartphones in 2012, but this year, we may expect more. Following are the list of the most anticipated smartphone launches of 2013.

  1. Apple iPhone 5 S: Apple iPhone 5 S is one of the most awaited smartphones among all. According to tech reports,iPhone 5S will be equipped with iOS 7, 4G LTE, faster processor and many more exciting features than its predecessor iPhone 5. Apple is expecting to launch it sometime in the middle of 2013.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4: Galaxy S3 was no doubt, one of the best smartphones of 2012.  Samsung wants to continue its success with another amazing smartphone, Galaxy S4. It is going to be more powerful than its predecessor. Samsung’s next wonder is going to have unbreakable HD display, 1.9 MP front camera, 13 MP rear camera, 5 inch OLED display, NFC and LTE connectivity features and ARM cortex quad-core processor. It is going to hit the market sometime around April 2013.
  3. Blackberry 10 L-series:Blackberry is going to hit the market with its new smartphone sometime around February 2013. Blackberry 10-L series is loaded with new Blackberry 10 operating system, virtual keyboard and QWERTY keypad. Research In Motion announced that the latest breed from the Blackberry is going to support third-party applications like Android apps.
  4. Samsung Note 3: After the success of Galaxy Note 2, Samsung is planning to continue the same success with its latest third generation smartphone/tablet Galaxy Note 3. Some call it as “phablet” because of its combined features of tablet and phone. It is going to have massive 6.3 inch display and many more exciting updates than its previous version, Galaxy Note 2.This amazing new breed is going to hit the market sometime around February 2013.
  5. Huawei Ascend Mate: Huawei announced in International Consumer Electronics, 2013, that it is going to hit the smartphone market with its new launch Huawei Ascend Mate. It is going to have 6.1 inch display which is one of the biggest displays available in the mobile arena. The other exciting features include 8MP camera, 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 720p HD display and 4050 mAh battery.
  6. Nokia Lumia 9xx: After the success of Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia is planning to occupy the smartphone market with a latest version, Nokia Lumia 9xx, which is going to be lighter, thinner and smarter.There are rumours circulating in the mobile market regarding its size and weight. It is said to be loaded with Windows Phone 8 and made of aluminium, whilethe older version is made of polycarbonate.

Do you want to possess one of these great phones? Well, you will have to wait until its release in the market.

Author Bio: Michelle Ryan is a writer from Wales in UK. He enjoys writing technology articles. He also writes on other topics related to Finance like PPI claims and Travel articles. She enjoys cooking and gaming.