In today’s world of complicated scheduling, and trying to meet everybody’s time table, Moiety enters the scene to provide a fun and simple way to manage the events and schedules of the things that we do on a day to day basis. The goal is to make it simple and fast for mobile users to quickly create, edit and share scheduled events with a few short taps.

Moiety is a very intuitive app to start using. After downloading the app, I was prompted to set up and account, which only took about 30 seconds. I was presented with four basic options on the main screen where were My Crews, Alerts, Schedule, and Create an Event. It was self explanatory as to what each option would allow me to do.


Going into the My Crews section I was able to see that I can create an organizational structure for those I will be scheduling events with. My one critique of this area is that it is clear that the developers of the app have tailored the layout and wording for either parents or car pools that pickup children and take them to different places throughout the day: school, work, etc. These are really only suggestions, and the user can customize this to be set up as they wish, but some users may be turned away by this if they do not have kids, or would be working with kids.

The other advantage is that you can create all sorts of customized events and add your own picture as a quick reference. It is very quick and easy to set up repeating events, grab the people that are to be part of the event without ever needing to type any text. Which is perfect for all the events that we go to or are involved with on a regular basis.


The beauty of this app is its ability to allow the user to interact, create and manage everything within the app with taps and swipes as opposed to texting and writing extensive descriptions and reminders. It also offers a very good method of keeping connected with those that are all part of the crews. The user is able to create many different crews and organizations depending on their personal needs. All is very quick and new members are able to communicate and manage the events all within the app without leaving it.

The app has the feature to keep all your crew up to date, and you can easily see when members have confirmed the event, all without ever needing to make a call, send a text, or email for confirmation. This is very ideal for people that already have busy schedules.

In conclusion, it is our opinion that the Moiety App is very well done and will be a very useful tool for all different types of groups and organizations to create and manage recurring events and time tables. The most attractive feature is that creating and managing events is very simple, fun, and effective to keep organized with your organization or group.

Worth Having App – Download the App