Mobile phones have transformed the way people execute their  day- to-day activities. The advent of technology has made it easier for people to carry out their everyday activities as all the services that people are looking for are just a few steps away. Each and every service is just done with a click and we must be thankful for the development of apps for such daily life services.

We know that cars are of several kinds and they need to be washed and detailed according to the make and looks. One app that belongs to the Lifestyle category is the Mobile Wash – Car Wash on demand app that brings carwash facility straight to your home.

Car wash is one among the many time consuming chores and is often kept at bay. The long waiting hours in the queue and the distance to the service station makes it look like one hectic task. However, Mobile Wash – car wash and detailing app will do the complete work for you the way you desire. The ideation of such apps are much appreciated as people find it difficult to execute these activities on their own.

The working of the app is very easier and simple to operate. All you have to carry out with this app is to select the option either wash now or wash later. Then select a custom pricing package with the name of the car. The price varies with the location and type of the vehicle. The different packages are Express Wash, Deluxe Wash and Premium Detailing. Payments can be done through a credit card system that is much safe.

Mobile Wash is the largest detailer network in America. It is an on-demand auto detailing app. The app brings the service to your office or doorstep or anywhere  you demand and get your car washed on wheels. The company is very clear in its motto that goes by the word, “car wash in minutes”. It is backed by employers who are vetted, background checked and insured. As the service is complete, the app helps us to give our rating and feedback for the service provider.

The app serves more than 50 different cities in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas and Florida.

Mobile Wash is really a very cool and innovative app that would exceed the expectations of the user and you would definitely want to keep the app on your good books. The app can be downloaded from both the App Store and the Play Store.

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