It is seen that the regular growth of the eCommerce market pragmatically contributes to the active development of novel aspects in the mobile commerce industry. So, whether you professionally plan to build an eCommerce application or already have one, one should be aware of the latest trends in eCommerce mobile app development so users can largely benefit from them.

Popular Chatbots

The Chatbots can adeptly enable businesses to automate communications with customers on a 24/7 time period basis. Moreover, this mobile commerce technology permits businesses to not only answer the most familiar user requests but also to widely anticipate their next questions, proper thanks to AI and good Machine Learning advancements. Thereby, every client primarily receives personalized customer support and an exclusive shopping experience.

Augmented reality – AR

AR in eCommerce permits users to actively test a product before buying it. The customers view how products will look on them or in their homes to guarantee that they meet expectations. Applause to this trend, you can offer an exclusive shopping experience to your clients, even say during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Wish List                        

It is greatly possible to significantly increase sales on your site and ameliorate your customer experience with a wish list. Thereby once you implement a wish list into your eCommerce app design, primarily the number of users who return to your store will immensely grow, thereby raising the number of future store purchases. In addition, this adept feature can incorporate notifications that could inform the client of the said desired item’s availability.


Precisely more stores utilize geofencing for promoting their products on the web. By this mobile commerce trend, you could promote items based on a relevant user’s location which permits you to strongly focus on a particular target audience. So apply geofencing to incline your eCommerce app sales by high up to 20% as other organizations have already done.

Go for One-click Purchasing

Most of the experience has illustrated that customers often abandon the purchase process when regularly faced with performing too many steps to complete a transaction. With just a one-click purchasing feature, there is no requirement to retype data over and over since your payment details are saved.

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