It is another fantastic Mobile Cleaning Utility app from developers of ShieldApps that users will be keeping on using for most periods of time. Things start out in this app so splendid enough but get much more benefitted as you illustrate and recommend for global users.

Mobile Cleaning Utility is an Android version of best-selling PC Cleaning Utility. Apart from just a regular Android cleaner, it actively provides versatile options designed to enhance your smart phone’s performance. Within only one swipe, Mobile Cleaning Utility will clean RAM memory, boosting the speed of the system itself.

More importantly this Mobile Cleaning Utility can extend your battery life sufficiently depending on which mode you decide to use. An overview of all your files will give you a clear picture of what causing you trouble. Straight from there, the users will be able to delete all the data you don’t require.

The users have full control over data usage, Wi-Fi access and downloads saves you both battery and memory. It is also said that setting it up is simple and fast. In no time your Android will be up and ready for its perfect performance.

Important Features of Mobile Cleaning Utility

RAM Cleaning

All working apps displayed within seconds, with a detailed intel about their memory usage. You can shut each working app by one touch.

Battery Saver

You have three modes of battery life saver provide user longer enjoyment in his/her smartphone. There are options like backlight, screen timeout, sound volume, data, Wi-Fi, vibration, Bluetooth, Location and screen rotation are all controllable within the modes.

Application management

The option illustrates all of the installed applications on the phone. Cleaning Utility Mobile permits you to manage them by your liking and uninstall them with one touch.

Storage Display

A full storage comprising images, videos, music, applications, and other files will be displayed with options for deleting files. Every file can be viewed from inside the Mobile Cleaning Utility, no matter the format.

In conclusion the developer of this Mobile Cleaning Utility app certainly did a persuasive job with features, that’s for sure. And because of the beneficial app features, everything is wholly packed with ton of salient aspects for global users.