Whenever I am exploring new places and being with people from different cultures I can see that everyone around the world running behind their desires. Including me, desires and interests in the things that make us push ourselves. People note their interesting things as a list and keep them executed. Forth Holdings came up with a novel idea of designing an app for ranking their lists and also it contains many fascinating features. Medalist is made for not only the connoisseurs and also for the common peoples who are all interested in unique things.

In the Medalist app, we can create several lists with a lot of things like books, movies, theatres, arts, restaurants, recipes, etc. These lists can be placed into two categories as bench and podium. In the option bench, we can save our things with photos and notes about the thing that we tried already. We can create a list for a podium with the things we yet to try in our life.

Medalist also has a community of people who use this app for designing their lists, people can share their list with others and also add any items from them. If any other user adds something from your list you will be credited with poach counts. These poach counts act as a meter for calculating your influence with other users. Medalist allows chatting with other users which helps to explore new kinds of things around them.

User privacy was crafted stronger and they can share their profile with others only on their interest. They can control who can view their lists and it is optional that allowing the community to view your lists.

Creating an account and creating lists made very simpler, Bright and bold interface gives stylish look for the app. Users can navigate this app using Siri and also it is very helpful to add items to their list in a single command. Medalist gives notifications for every poach count you get and also whenever you got a new follower. Users can share their lists with others and they can create a curated feed of lists that they want to note.

Forth Holdings, the developer have unique surprising ideas to design Medalist. Smartphones with iOS 12.0 and later versions can install the app from Appstore. Users will be supported by https://medalist.app/