With all the recent introduction with the iPad, the concept of portable computing has brought on a new direction.

Now, inside a market covered with laptops and netbooks, consumers have an additional option – a tablet type device. So is this brand-new technology a genuine laptop substitute? The actual overwhelming answer is – Simply no. In fact, as it stands, the iPad is made to sync using a computer – not replace it.

Many people were sorely disappointed arrive at this realization. But this gadget does serve an objective. Many individuals require a new hassle-free option for “light computing”. They aren’t power computer users. They’re the people which use technology to arrange their busy lives.

The tablet personal computer satisfies this market. The folks who require a handy and portable selection for managing calendars and contactsmonitoring detailed to do lists reading books surfing the net along with other personal type tasks.
Critics were quick to point out that the smartphone are designed for each one of these tasks as well. It’s a point well taken – however the larger screen and longer life of the battery make an iPad a far greater and much more user-friendly choice. Clearly, Apple’s new “iTablet” is within a class by itself and it is paving the way for similar type devices from competitors.

Ultimately, choosing if you should buy an iPad is really a personal decision depending on needs, wants, and price. The mixture of a laptop and smartphone is much more than adequate for most of us. However, the additional convenience that the tablet device offers can’t be ignored.