One genre of a game that never gets too old, especially for a game lover is the one which is full of action and adventure. It’s just an expression of a person and is different for each and every one of us. If we go outside for a walk at night, it can be normal for us or awkward for a woman who never did it before. While a trip to space, won’t be satisfying for some and can be adventurous too! So you can never define adventure properly. Similarly, there are new games that are launched every day in the genre and are accepted by the audience. But, the condition is, it should be original and not boring like old games. Because, you very well know that almost 50% of the apps on the Play Store are just a copy of the original ones. However, the one we brought to you are purely original and not copied.

Today, we have an amazing action-packed adventure game for you, known as Marble Jetpack. It has been offered by BB Electronics, LLC that you might have heard about it before. It’s a game with the main objective to protect yourself from the obstacles and the enemies in the space.

Basically, Marble Jetpack is a free battle meant in space with your enemies. You have to run away from the obstacles and reach your destination. You can roll, blast through the air with your Marble Jetpack and collect and shoot down all the stars and enemies in the level.

Moreover, you can choose your marble when you begin playing the game and just navigate around the obstacles. There are different kinds of marble skin in the inventory section and you can change them as per your choice. Moreover, you can check items that are available in the inventory section.

There are different levels of the gameplay and each one has its own importance and role. Marble Jetpack arcade levels have some checkpoints to save your current sport in the level  and add time to it. As the app’s main objective is to reach your destination time with maximum speed.  You need to be fast as well as accurate. The checkpoints can be reused as well in the future levels. In the level 2 of the arcade level, power ups are added to help aid in finishing a level. The levels of the game are easy yet challenging and get more difficult the further you go.

Well, when it comes to the graphics part, you’d certainly feel that you are going to the real space for a battle! The pictures are just amazing and even for a moment, you will not feel as if it’s a virtual space you’re a part of.

All the levels of the gameplay has a unique quality of its own and gives you an overall great experience! So wait and watch if you can roll and blast your way to the next level in this amazing action-packed adventure game of Marble Jetpack.

So what are you waiting for? The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and some in-app purchases also available for some of the items! What more can you ask for when you are getting such a stunning app for free. There’s nothing more for me to say here!

Pros: stunning graphics; action-packed adventure game; ways to play; challenging levels; free and in-app purchases.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App