Spy Phone – Phone Tracker is the most leading phone tracking app that millions of people have already installed. The app helps you to track all the essential user activity like incoming and dialled phone numbers, text messages and internet browsing habits. It helps you know where your family members are, view the places they have been to, help them when necessary and see their contacts list and protect them when they are in any panic situation.

The app helps you monitor your child’s activity and use it to watch over them. When you make use of this app to protect your child, you can be guaranteed to have peace. Your child might get so many distractions when they use smart phones and there is a risk of inappropriate use when they are not monitored. You can know very well whom they have been in touch with and keep in track of the websites they have been visiting, the location of the device through GPS tracking and also the panic button which when pressed will help them call out for you in case of an emergency.

The servers of PhoneTracker.com can be accessed on all days at any time and all the data is present there. When you set up an account there, you can retrieve the data when you prefer. This official website lets you install the app on 5 different devices and later on you can log in to view the data taken from these smartphones.

Spy Phone – Phone Tracker has the following features:

Download contacts: Using this app, users can download the contacts that the other members have.

Free reverse phone lookup: This allows you to see whom the person has been chatting with through messages or call.

See your GPS: The GPS tracker allows you to get the free GPS location details of the mobile that is getting updated every half an hour.

Geo-fencing: This feature aids you in knowing the location of your family members all the time.

With a perfect design, the app is so neat and easy to use and download. On the whole, Spy Phone – Phone Tracker is one awesome handy tool that allows you to track your contacts and the GPS of your family members.

Spy Phone – Phone Tracker is compatible with iOS 11.2 or later versions and with Android 5.0 and later versions. The app is good to use for all the adults and it comes in 4 languages: English, Hindi, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

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