Do you want help in regards to the mental health of your kid? Definitely your answer would be Yes. In this case, Feelu could be like a boon for your child. The main aim of this application is to provide a platform where a child could easily express his or her feeling.

It happens many times that a kid gets hurt and can’t express the same. Directly or indirectly it reflects to his or her mental health that gives out the negative effect. To deal with such situations, Feelu is for you. The app provides the right path to follow in improving the overall development of a child.

Key features of this app:

  • Cool graphics: The graphics in this app is classic enough to provide a cool effect.
  • Pictures: To increase the interest of kid, there are iconic pictures used in this app. These pictures are of a baby elephant.
  • Sound: There is an addition of sound in the application which suits to kids.
  • Separate sections: There are different sections to make the systematic approach of the working.

Working strategy:

The Feelu app is working on these six factors. As a user, you just need to download and install the app. When you will install the application, it will show all things in a crystal clear approach. Only you need to follow it in the right way.            

Feeling: This section can be used on a daily basis. In this section, the child can explore his or her feeling. In case if there is any negative feeling, there will be description with proper explanation and example.    

My feeling: In this section, a child can express his or her feeling. It could be easily used. When a child finds something grateful, it will change their focus from negative factors to positive factors of life.   

Game: This section refers to the act in which a child doesn’t need to choose right or wrong answer. Your kid can choose any feeling. The child can express how he or she would respond to a different incident.

Kindness: The main aim of this section is to motivate a kid towards kindness. This will develop the feeling of kindness in kid. He or she will also value the feelings of others.    

Mindful: The daily meditation of this section will improve the overall mental health of a child. This section is mainly ideal before bedtime for better sleep.

Handle Bullying: These are 3 steps that you could repeat on a daily basis. In case if your child gets abused or bullied then this section will be very much helpful.    

Main benefit of using this application

The merits of using this application directly impacting on kid’s mental health. This helps out in developing a good feeling which brings out good result in their life. The kindness in their feeling will help out in maintaining a good bonding with others.

Last words:

Feelu is a mobile app that provides the best platform for getting guidance and keeping the mental health at a good level.

Summary: Feelu is a mobile application that provides the platform for providing mental health. This app is useful for parents and kids.

  • Usability: 5
  • Accessibility: 4.5
  • Features: 5
  • Graphics: 4.5

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