We know that there is an app for almost everything that we do. We all have smart phones that help us monitor our everyday tasks. If we own a dog, we would be taking them for a walk every single day and it is great to monitor that. When we monitor our dog walks, we would be able to maintain the memory and health of our dog very well.

Mean is an app that comes with all that is necessary to track your walks with your pet dog. With this, you can record the route, distance and the duration of each walk and view all the exercise your puppy gets each day, week, month or even the whole year.

Mean has got a very easy interface and just make a simple tap with the ‘start button’ and you will be ready to track the dog’s walk. You can pause in-between when your dog pees or poops or when you step into a train or a car. You can also get the help of all your family members to monitor your dog’s health as you share all the info on linking with your social media accounts.

The app allows you to register all the parks or places where you get to stay for more than ten minutes. This helps you to keep track of everything on the map, where you can also create your own heat map depending on wherever you travel.

The dashboard in the app allows you to make a note on the number of walks you have taken against the preset target values, your achievements in a month and manage the everyday walks in a time series under the ‘History’ section.

With mean, you can take different pictures of your dog and create long lasting memories. This way, you can capture the best moments of your dog while you enjoy the outdoors. Walking your dog regularly keeps him fit and with mean, you can see if your walks are getting longer or shorter. This would be a clear indication of your dog’s well being.

Mean – for all doggies is free for download and the premium plan comes for a price of $ 2.99. This lifestyle app is available in English and Japanese and is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later versions.

Download mean – for all doggies and make your dog walking experience even better. You can either be a dog walker or you just want to save your wonderful moments with your puppy, then mean would be the right app for you.

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